All The Ride Calendars

All The Ride Calendars

Have you ever thought ...

"If only I could see all the group rides in one place."

... we did too! TL;DR: visit our Calendars page for all the cycling community related calendars one could possibly need around Raleigh, NC.

Everyone’s got a calendar. Here they all are 🙂 Raleigh Crit Racing The one we’re all here for, all the crits within 150(ish) miles of Raleigh, NC Raleigh Crit Racing Subscribe to the Raleigh Crit Racing calendar with this iCal Link:…

About the Calendars

Since there's (currently — COUGH) only ONE annual criterium race around Raleigh, NC (a heartfelt thank you to NC State's Cycling Club), we started by adding every crit we could find for ~150 miles to the Raleigh Crit Racing calendar. Then we started adding every group ride we know of to the Raleigh Group Rides calendar. Then we made a calendar companion to our Free Newsletter and cleverly named it the Free Bike Calendar (free bike maintenance classes, events and other cycling related stuff around Raleigh).

Our Calendars page also includes links to additional cycling community calendars from the likes of Oaks & Spokes as well as

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